The Big Box Theory 


About us

Since childhood days, Sruthi Jayachandran took immense interest in art and craft works. The school that she attended always motivated its students to express their creativity in the form of artworks. Later on in life, Sruthi decided to take her interest in arts to the next level and started her own personalized gift store The BIG BOX Theory on September 21, 2015. Sruthi is presently pursuing Visual Communication at Women’s Christian College, Chennai. When she started her venture, she had to manage time for her studies and for her venture. The love for her passion helped her overcome the challenge. Besides being an entrepreneur, Sruthi is also a talented baker, a dancer and an athlete.


The BIG BOX Theory is a place where a person can express their ideas for a gift and Sruthi with her artistic and creative skills would come up with an innovative solution for gifting. The BIG BOX Theory aims at making the special occasions in a person’s life even bigger!

Today, Sruthi Jayachandran, the talented young entrepreneur and the founder of The BIG BOX Theory joins us in this interview session to share her story.

It all started from scratch by customizing a gift box for my best friend who believed the creativity in me placed his very first order from TBBT and the innovation continued as my career, blooming as a promising young entrepreneur.


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